5/12/22 The Tablet- Newspaper for the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, NYC
5/7/22 The SUPER EXPRESS Kasia Drucker and DYNGUS DAY PARADE Feature-NYC
5/1/22 The Brooklyn Tablet news for the Diocese
4/22/22 POLONIA TV - North American Continent FEATURE (starts at 11:58)
4/21/22 DziennikPoloniNY - "The Polish Daily News- New York City"
4/20/22 The Nowy Dzennik COVER STORY- New York City
4/20/22 Polish Traces view on Facebook - several videos
4/19/22 St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy view on FACEBOOK HERE
4/18/22 St. Stanslaus Kostka Church view on Fsacebook
4/18/22 The FIRST DYNGUS DAY PARADE IN NEW YORK CITY was a SUCCESS! A TV Documentary by Prof. Musial
4/16/22 A NEW Multicultural recording of 3x GRAMMY NOMINATED" EVERYBODY'S POLISH ON DYNGUS DAY"
4/12/22 The SUPER EXPRESS New York City announcing the 1st DYNGUS DAY PARADE in NYC!
4/6/22 Prof. Musial's Song inspires the 1st DYNGUS DAY PARADE in NEW YORK CITY!
1/27/22 The Nowy Dziennik Feature and a presentation at the Polish Slavic Center- Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York City
4/13/20 The "AM Buffalo" TV Show on ABC TV announced our song
  (The official WKBW link-woth some delays)
4/13/20 The 10 Minute Sampler from the Feature TV Documentary "What Da Heck Is Dyngus Day?" premieres at 5 PM
4/11/20 Spectrum TV News started announcing our song on a regular basis
3/28/19 The Am-Pol Eagle, Buffalo, NY- "What Da Heck Is Dyngus Day?" by Jessica Kisluk
3/1/19 Michelle Kisluk the Director of the Polish Heritage Dancers of Western New York State, has accepted Prof. Musial's invitation via Mrs. Holly Humphries, the Director of Eugenia's Dance Studio in West Seneca, NY who was introduced to Prof. Musial by Mrs. Bernadine DeMike of the Royale Dance Studio in Orchard Park, NY. Wah Dah!