The organizer of the event for the second year in a row was the parish of St. Stanisław Kostka, and the whole thing was coordinated by the parish priest, Fr. Grzegorz Markulak. The co-organizer and one of the originators of the event is Kasia Drucker from the Theater and Opera Society, an opera singer and conductor, who prepares the musical setting of the event. This year, Father Sławek Szczucki and Małgorzata Michoń, who was responsible for organizing the catering, also joined the organization. In addition, Tadeusz Nowak, together with volunteers, prepared balloons to decorate the platform and filmed the entire parade live, sharing the broadcast on Facebook.

The parade began with the cutting of the red ribbon by Fr. Grzegorz Markulak, Kasia Drucker and Małgorzata Michoń. They were accompanied on the platform by the honorary guest of the parade - Stan Borys with the manager Ania Maleady and 6-year-old Andrzejek Michoń, who graced the event with singing. The procession departed from the Church of St. Stanisław Kostka, at the front with a banner were representatives from the church of St. Stanisław Kostka. Behind them is a colorful group of the "Krakus" choir operating at the "Krakus" Senior Club in the Polish and Slavic Center - ladies in beautiful wreaths, and gentlemen in Krakus hats. They were followed by members of the Angelus choir with their banner. The parade was also attended by numerous parishioners, children from the Polish School of Maria Konopnicka, the Stanisław Kostka Academy and the team Krakowianki i Górale.

DJ Łukasz, who was responsible for the music, started the parade with the song "WeLove Dyngus Day", which was recorded in 2022 with the participation of children from the Polish School of Maria Konopnicka in Greenpoint. Then there was "What Da Heck Is Dyngus Day?" - a song composed by David Musial and Rafał Wołosz. Another song "Everybody's Polish on Dyngus Day", composed by Ray Barsukiewicz and Ken Mechalski, was specially prepared by David. During the march, Polish feast songs were also played.

And so the parade made its way to McGorlick Park, where the fun began: Fr. Grzegorz and Kasia Drucker gave children surprise eggs and sprinklers, which they poured water on themselves. Stefan Orzech also sang and played the accordion in the park. It was also possible to eat, there were hot sausages and hot dogs, lots of sweets, and even a cotton candy stand crowded with children and the elderly. All the organizers and volunteers were wearing red "Dyngus Day Crew" T-shirts.

The organization of the event was possible thanks to numerous sponsors: Kiszka Meat Market, Apple Bank, Syrena, Cafe Riviera, Karczma, Kaskade, St, Stanislaus Kostka Church, Theater and Opera Society, Artur Dybanowski from Arthur Funeral Home, dr Henryk Cioczek, Polish Slavic Center and Krakus Senior Center.

Text and photos: Zosia Zeleska-Bobrowski