The Śmigus-Dyngus parade passed through the streets of New York
Zosia Żeleska-Bobrowski
April 21, 2022
Wet Monday is a traditional Polish custom that falls after Easter, also known as Śmigus-Dyngus. In the past, these were two separate habits - swigus meant whipping with rods, Easter catkins on the legs and thighs, which symbolized the spring cleansing of dirt and disease, and later also of sin. Dyngus, on the other hand, was spent pouring water on himself and collecting donations constituting the Easter "ransom". It was supposed to symbolize the awakening nature and the life-giving power of water - hence the green twigs and the pouring of water.

The largest dynamic parade in the world takes place in Buffalo, New York. (The hometown of Professor David Musial.)

This year, the first Śmigus-Dyngus Parade, the main organizer of which was the parish priest of St. Stanisław Kostka in Greenpoint, Father Grzegorz Markulak, CM. The originators were: David Musiał, a video and sound producer, and Kasia Drucker, an opera singer and conductor, who was in charge of the musical part of the event, and a poster designer for the First Dyngus Parade. Martyna Sokół was a representative of public relations. The main song of the parade was "We love Dyngus Day", composed and recorded by Prof. David Musiał in cooperation with Kasia Drucker with the participation of children from the Polish School of Maria Konopnicka in Greenpoint.

At. At 17:30 the ribbon was cut by: the guest of honor, Stan Borys, Ania Maleady, his manager, Father Grzegorz Markulak, CM, David Musiał, Kasia Drucker and Martyna Sokół. With the parish banner in their hands, at the head of the Parade, representatives of the Church of St. Stanisław Kostka.

A singing parade of several hundred people was walking along the streets of Greenpoint, following the platform with the organizers and children from the Krakowiacy i Górale band. It started with the song "What da heck is Dyngus Day" composed by David and his student Rafał Wołosz, which was the hit of the Śmigus-Dyngus Parade in Buffalo in 2018. Another song, "Everybody's Polish on Dyngus Day", composed by Ray Barsukiewicz and Ken Mechalski, was specially prepared by David and recorded by 11 performers. And although none of the artists has Polish roots, all of them are Polish on Dyngus Day. The parade was watched by numerous onlookers and passers-by, as well as people looking out of the windows of their houses, singing together the Polish feast songs played during the march. Among the marchers, the colorful white and red group of the choir operating at the Krakus Senior Club in the Polish Slavic Center, carrying the banner "CPS-50 years, Krakus Senior Center, John Paul II Friendship Center" stood out. There was also a banner for the Angelus Choir.

And so the Parade reached the McGorlick Park, where the fun began: Father Grzegorz handed out eggs to the children - surprises and water guns, so the children had a lot of fun and doused each other, even the priest and David got involved in this game. You could also eat, there were hot sausages and hot dogs, lots of sweets and even a cotton candy stand crowded with children and the elderly.

At the end, a real fire truck FDNY Engine 238 & Ladder 106-205 from Greenpoint Ave drove into the square and poured water from water jets on the volunteers.

Judging by the beaming faces of those present, this Parade will become a permanent part of Easter events taking place in the cradle of Polish immigrants in Greenpoint.