New York City learnes about the NEW DYNGUS DAY SONGS Program in The Smart Trax® Institute Of Technology
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Prof. David Musial and Choral Director Kasia Drucker inform all of the members of the distinguished Polish Slavic Center,
in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC acrross from the Empire State Building Area of Manhattan.
Professor Musial discovering the Nowy Dziennik Newspaper issue in the Ksiegarnia Polonia store on Manhattan Ave in Brooklyn

Rafal Wolosz (8) with Prof Musial at Our Lady Of Częstochowa, Jersey City • Rafal (15 in 2 weeks) and Musial Jan 27, 2022
Photo by Mom Beata & Photo by Dad Darius

Darius Wolosz-Prof. David Musial- Rafal "Raffie" Wolosz (10) the day they composed the somg "What Da Heck Is Dyngus Day?"
in SkyRoom Studio. Musial was 10 years-old when he learned of Dyngys Day becasue he was a FULL TIME PIPE ORGAMIST at Precious Blood Church in Buffalo, NY and teens were haveing a "Dyngus Day" event in front of the church just after Musial, played music at a mass. He wondered? "WHAT DA HECK IS DYNGUS DAY'?
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