March 28, 2019

WHO: MusicTech Kids™ (4 from Jersey City and 20-25 in Buffalo, NY) with Dancers from The POLISH HERITAGE DANCERS of WNY in Lancaster, NY
WHAT: An “EDM” Electronic Dance Song about the Polish Festival to be danced to in the Largest Parade In The World
WHY: Education and Tradition & Scholarship fund raiser
WHERE: Created in Jersey City near Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty, performed Buffalo, NY
WHEN:Monday, April 22, 2019 5 PM near the Train Terminal in Buffalo.

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Contact: Prof. David Musial, Exec. Producer
One World Artists Management

A DETAILED STORY is below the photos.

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MusicTech Kids 10 year old student: Rafal Wolosz
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MuscTech Kids 10 year old student: Rafal Wolosz
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Emilia Part (5) Maciej Part (10)

Rafal Wolosz (9) & Prof. Musial

Janus & Julia Roreda (10)

Maciej Part (9) & Prof. Musial

This is a zany, educational EDM/Hip Hop/Polka for the Next Generation of Polish Kids and beyond inspired by the Buffalo, NY Dyngus Day Parade and created by award-winning Professor David Musial. If you are not a kid, you might HATE this…(LOL) please be open minded! (Did your parents like the “Beatles” in 1964?)

The POLISH HERITAGE DANCERS of Western New York in Lancaster, NY, officially joins the Parade with maybe 20 or more kids & teens dressed in traditional Polish Costumes as the EDM Techno song Rocks the Parade for the Next Generation!

The phrase “Everyone’s Polish On Dyngus Day” is tagged into the song with “Hoopla” chants David remembers from attending lots of Polish Weddings in Buffalo, NY in the 1960’s & 1970’s, entertained by amazing Polka Bands! Most of today’s kids are hooked on this style of music popular in video games, and Prof. Musial taught his “MusicTech Kids™” students to make it on iPhones & iPads in the incredibly advanced “GarageBand” program. He then enhanced it with the latest in Music Technology softsynths at his unique SkyRoom Studio complex perched high on top a hi-rise in beautiful Newport neighborhood, on the Hudson River Bank in downtown Jersey City, overlooking Manhattan and the NYC Harbor. They introduced the song in 2018, and will perform in what is billed as the largest “Dyngus Day” Parade in the world! On April 22nd, 2019 they will dance on the streets behind a convertible and in front of a stretch limo. 100% of any proceeds will benefit the MusicTech Kids™ Scholarship and maybe a scholarship program in Buffalo for this dance company as well!

Professor David Musial composed a song titled “The Zielinski Hip Hop Polka” for his best friend’s wedding “Robbie Zielinski” in 2007. They met on “Dyngus Day” in Buffalo a few years earlier and got married on “Dyngus Day”. In 2008 the couple performed it on a “float” in the Buffalo “Dyngus Day” parade! Fast-forward to Dyngus Day 4/18/2017, David noticed many photos of this parade and huge concert at the abandoned Central Train Terminal in Buffalo. A thought ran past his creative mind: “WHAT THE HECK REALLY IS DYNGUS DAY”.... other than guys squirting water at and hitting girls with “pussy willow” branches??? So David started searching the web and read lots of stories. He discovered that his hometown of Buffalo, NY had the largest parade in America, and most likely the world! So naturally David crafted lyrics from an educational point-of-view, and created the basis of a potential song.


MISSION: "Ambassadors of WNY's Polonia"

Founder; Michelle Michalski Kisluk
6298 Broadway St
Lancaster , New York
Call (716) 983-5084

Since 1997, our premier Polish folk dance ensemble based in Buffalo, NY has provided Polish cultural education through ethnic dancing and music.


EUGENIA's DANCE STUDIO Info who premiered the song in 2018.

Eugenia's dance studio is one of western New York's longest running and most successful dance studios. Celebrating 60 years of dance excellence, Eugenia's dance studio dancers have reached new highs and continue the love and passion for dance that founder Eugenia Smith had. Current dancers have received national scholarships, top awards at dance competitions, received  dance jobs including dancing with Justin Bieber and a national commercial for The Greatest Showman, performing along side Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya. Director Holly Humphreys continues her mother's legacy with outstanding classes for tiny tots- adults, bringing in guest teachers from New York and LA, providing excellent performance opportunities and nurturing dancers to become the best they can be.The dance studio is also home of the Krakowiacy Polish folk dance company and Express dance Company. Their performances include Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, the Buffalo bisons, special performance for President Ronald Reagan, ESPN, Darien lake theme park, Erie County fair and more. We are thrilled to join David on this exciting event for Dyngus day!


David is a master in Music & Video Technology, winning “Instructor-Of-The-Year” 4 times in the undergraduate Music Technology Program at New York University in the 1990’s. In 2012 the Bachelor’s Degree he founded & directed at Stevens Institute of Technology (across midtown Manhattan in Hoboken), placed #2 in the industry at “Best Colleges” rating program as “MOST INNOVATIVE CHANGING THE INDUSTRY”.  So Prof. Musial designed the “MusicTech Kids™” & “MusicTech Teens™” program, where he teaches college students to teach youngsters how to make Music & Videos on their Smart Phones & Tablets.

A few days later 9 year-old prodigy Rafal and his dad Darius Wolosz  entered SkyRoom Studio for his scheduled lesson, and he played his newest creation Musial taught him to make on his iPhone in the “GarageBand” App… an Electronic Dance Music instrumental. David suddenly remembered that he is POLISH! Most of his “kids’ are hooked on Video Games and the “EDM” soundtracks, so it was a natural decision to make the first version of this song, mostly in this style. (Grand Parents and some parents HATE it, but hey… my parents hated the “Beatles”! LOL) As a professor who studied the Psychology of Music in the graduate program at the Juilliard School of Music, he clearly understands the changing styles of music over the times, so a Techno/EDM/Polka it is! Julia Poreda sings and plays the Sax, Rafal sings and plays the Trumpet, Maciej sings and played some keys and his 5 year old sister Emilia sings in the choruses! Other versions are also in-the-works

The song was gradually recorded over a 9 month period, because the MusicTech Kids made many songs and music videos in this time frame. They help Carol Lester the “Bubble Queen™” as here Royal Bubble Pops™ giving educational musical theater shows for toddlers around the Statue of Liberty area. Sometime on huge concert stages. They filmed music videos on Skating Rinks, in Liberty State Park and even at the huge Castle in Central Park! Most recently Maciej & Rafal auditioned to sing for 22,000 people at a halftime show at Madison Square Garden! You can see samples on the  MusicTech Kids Youtube Channel on there is a very easy reference chart under the word “VIDEOS” on the website.

On Monday, April 1st, we plan to not only be on a FLOAT in the largest Dyngus Day Parade in the World, but we hope to perform the song (and others) on local TV & Radio Shows, and also at big parties all over the city after the parade. We hope through the assistance of Mrs. Bernadine Demike, who has taught hundreds and produced lots of theatrical events all over WNY on more for over 50+ years, to invite 15-20 young Polish Dancers to join us! On Tuesday April 2nd, we hope to give concerts and inspirational talks at primary schools in the Western NY State area and maybe even at a roller rink?

Professor David Musial was born to parents Art & Terry Musial of Polish descent in Buffalo, NY in 1960. They lived in a mostl  “Polish” neighborhood near the downtown area. The family attended “Precious Blood” RC Church and David attended the primary parochial school and then attended Sts. Peter & Paul Middle School nearby. He was taught by Polish Felician Sisters. He began private music lessons with Jane Liskiewskevich, a Polish Pipe Organist. At the age of 10, David was hired FULL-TIME to play 10 masses a week, including the main Polish Choir Mass. David went on to later design the Television & Radio Production center for the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, he produced a multitude of shows around Buffalo including the Bufflao Sabres Hockey Arena. The Bufflao News featured him and also titled one of his artists a "Teen Sensation", and eventually Musial won the prestigious “Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame” award.

David currently plays the organ & piano at the Our Lady of Czestochowa RC Church in Jersey City near the Statue of Liberty every Sunday. This is where he met the main singers. He also met the amazing soprano “Kasia Drucker”. He and Kasia just released the first album for his other venture In November 2017, Kasia introduced David to Isabella Laskowska, the president of the Polish Theatre Institute, USA based in NYC and she invited them to perform at the national headquarters for the Kosciuszko Foundation. They created a program titled “The Magic Of Polish Christmas” and gave 15 concerts around the NYC area along with Kasia Drucker of the Theater and Opera Society in the Christmas 2017 season through January 2019. You can see some videos here.

This album will now be the inspiration for the kids who sang the “Dyngus Day” song, to record a full album of Polish Carols to benefit the MusicTech Kids Scholarship and the  Polish Felician Sisters who taught David as a kid!

David’s detailed BIO is available here…