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"Dropping" April 2, 2018 DYNGUS DAY

an EP with 5 versions and backing track (Karaoke) mixes too!

EDM Techno
Traditional Polka
(with Tubas, Clarinets, Saxaphones & Accordians... yup!)
Pop Rock
King Fish Man Harder Rock!


will like this music!

EDM, Trance, Dance, Pop!
(Hey, most grandparents "hated" the Beatles in 1964... LOL)

OK... there will be one traditional "Polka" mix!


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What The Heck Is Dyngus Day?
EDM/Hip Hop Polka- composed on Dyngus Day 2017
By Prof. David Musial & Rafal Wolosz
with Maciej & Emilia Part and Julia Poreda

What The Heck Is Dyngus Day, Dyngus Day, Dyngus Day?
Guys chasing Gals, with Pussy Willows and Squirt Guns
It looks really silly, but also like lots of fun,
Everybody’s Polish on Dyngus Day! Hey Wah Duh

They say it started with some kittens who fell into a stream
They were chasing butterflies, at least that’s what it seems
Their mommy pussy cat watched the kittens grab a willow branch
The next spring the willows sprouted fur-like buds now we all dance!
Prince Mieszko the 1st was baptized one spring Easter Monday.
So Dyngus Day and its rites of sprinkling with water
Eventually flirting boys with lots of pussy willows on Monday
Hit girls on their “poohpahs” and squirted them with cold water!
I don’t get it, it all seems silly to me
Do you get it, this tradition’s a bit crazy to me!

They say Love is all around on Dyngus Day 
Many a couple have met on this day!
Guys “flirted” by splashing water on innocent gals
Then grabbed pussy willows and chased the gal!
The medieval form of the word “Dingnus,” yes “Dingus”!
means… “worthy” or “proper” or suitable”    
The German meaning for this odd word “Dingus”
is “Evaluate” so then all is “doable”?

They do it all over Poland and other countries and America too
South Bend in Indiana, Chicago in Illinois, 
Elizabeth in New Jersey, Bristol in Connecticut 
and even Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania
The city in America called BUFFALO
brings the best Polka Bands so let’s all go!
It’s the Capital so they say of Dyngus Da
Let’s go there on Dyngus Day!!!


Does any of this make sense to you? It doesn’t to me, not one bit
But the older kids get it and do it even in school! Does it hurt when you get hit?

©2017/2018 OneWam Music BMI & NextGen Stars Msuic Publishing ASCAP David Musial


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