DETAILS The Buffalo, NY Parade 2023 NYC Parade VIDEOS

The song What Da Heck Is Dyngus Day?"
Launched a parade in the biggest city in America in 2022.

Award-winning composer and professor of Polish Heritage & and Polish Opera Singer
are teaching the youth how to make new Dyngus Day songs!

Everyone around Buffalo, NY knows about “Dyngus Day” of course, but as one travels around the country and in other places in the world they say... “What The Heck Is Dyngus Day?" so we made it a fun song! Ms. Bernadette Pawlak the president of the biggest parade in the world said in 2018, it was one of the best ever made because it was not only "fun", but it was "EDUCATIONAL"!  It was even featured on an ABC television show! Now we are teaching online classes to bring the fun of Dyngus Day through music to more cities! 
Professor Musial has created two very unique programs: "MusicTech Kids®'" & "MusicTech Teens®". His students have already been in front of over 1 million people! Now he and the NYC-based Polish Opera professional Kasia Drucker will teach students to make new Dyngus Day songs. They will learn how to write the lyrics & melodies, create instrumentals to sing, and record them on their iPad using the program "GarageBand". We may even use the built-in cameras and turn it into a music video!  All of this is done remotely through Zoom video lessons in 8 fun 2-hour weekly sessions, with a group of five students just like a real band!  (Private lessons are availbel also, state this is your interest in an email message.) We will have a “concert“ by playing the songs on YouTube on Dyngus Day! Your child will co-own the song with the team who is creating it, so if it ever starts to get royalty-bearing "airplay" on “streaming”, everyone makes a share in the residuals in the future. Two boys who sang in the 2019 Buffalo parade were then approved to sing at Madison Square Garden! Classes are forming NOW! Learn more visit
Professor Musial was sent to New York City under full sponsorship to begin his graduate studies at the world's prestigious Julliard School of Music and then earned a full teaching fellowship to become an Emmy award-winning professor at New York University He has been a professional church pipe organist & choir conductor for over 50 years starting at a Polish Church in Buffalo He plays the Polish mass at Our Lady of Czestochowa by the Statue of Liberty every Sunday, and wrote this song with Rafal Wolosz, a 10-year-old student from this church who came with 2 of his friends to perform in 2019. Musial performed at the prestigious Kosciuszko Foundation in NYC, the National Polish Library TV show uses his music videos. The amazing Polish Heritage Dancers of Western New York performed to his song in the 2019 Parade. He has produced concerts in the Buffalo Sabres hockey arena, all kinds of auditoriums, in Disney, and even in the “Hall of Heroes” in The Pentagon.

He remembers standing on the steps of Precious Blood Church as a 10-year-old boy after playing the pipe organ, looking down at the “silly” teens with pussy willows in their hands on the street, tapping the girls and he had wondered “What The Heck Is Dyngus Day”? Imagine what might happen with the song we may make together? Register now. Send an email message to

New York City Newspaper ad on page 3! 1/22/2022
Five Lucky Kids ages 10-12 and Five Lucky Teens ages 13-15 will get 5 free two-hour song creation sessions INCLUDING a free RECORDING STUDIO session, to make a new song about Dyngus Day. The recording studio session will be filmed and turned into a fun Music Video.
(We maybe be able to make an artistic music video as well depending on the song story & title).
Classes start March 7, 2022.