Dyngus Day Songs is a place to discover new music to help celebrate the secular and non-secular aspects of this unique festive Polish Festival from the Polish American Bi-lingual point-of-view. It was created by D JAYMES, an award-winning Producer & Professor of Media Arts of Polish American Heritage. Memories of his youth starting music lessons at the age of 7 from a Polish Church Pipe Organist, and seeing the festival on the streets of his childhood, inspired him to eventually teach college students to guide the creation of new songs at DyngusDaySongs.com
Single-Album Release April 1, 2018... "Dyngus Day!"  

The first song "WHAT DA HECK IS DYNGUS DAY", was composed in 2017, and is a zany, educational ​"​EDM/Hip Hop​-​Polka​"​ for the Next Generation of Polish Kids and beyond. It was inspired by the​ first​ Buffalo, NY Dyngus Day Parade​ of 2007.

It was sung on the original recording by Emelia, Rafie, Julia & Maciej

This is a zany, educational EDM/Hip Hop/Polka for the Next Generation of Polish Kids and beyond inspired by the Buffalo, NY Dyngus Day

The phrase “Everyone’s Polish On Dyngus Day” is tagged into the song with “Hoopla” chants he remembers from attending lots of Polish Weddings in Buffalo, NY in the 1960s & 1970s, entertained by amazing Polka Bands!